from a "click and hope" photographer


A father is neither an anchor to hold us back ,
Nor a sail to take us there,
But a guiding light whose love shows us the way


Sheila said...

I saw a poster today that said the best thing a father can do for his child is to love it's mother.
These words expand on that.

dot said...

So true! And I still wonder about that anchor! lol

RUTH said...

Well remembered Dot that I've used this photo before...different quote though!

RUTH said...

I almost used that quote today Sheila with a different photo!

Shaz said...

Excellent quote & picture Ruth & I so agree with Sheila x x x x

mrsnesbitt said...

Have been thinking about my Dad today....still miss him!

Farmer Giles said...

Wish that I had been the author

Moi said...

is that a sculpture or is it an antiquated anchor??

RUTH said...

I believe this is an actual anchor; though how the owner got it there I don't know.

Tenderness contains an element of sadness. It is not the sadness of feeling sorry for yourself or feeling deprived, but it is a natural situation of fullness. You feel so full and rich, as if you were about to shed tears. Your eyes are full of tears, and the moment you blink, the tears will spill out of your eyes and roll down your cheeks. In order to be a good warrior, one has to feel this sad and tender heart. Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche