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This one's especially for Mrs Nesbitt after her comment on yesterday's post ...LOL

“The advantages of whiskey over dogs are legion.
Whiskey does not need to be periodically wormed,
it does not need to be fed, it never requires a special kennel,
it has no toenails to be clipped or coat to be stripped.
Whiskey sits quietly in its special nook until you want it.
True, whiskey has a nasty habit of running out, but then so does a dog.”
~W. C. Fields~


Sheila said...

Aha...BUT, when you drink too much and are hung's the hair of the dog that puts you right..!!!

RUTH said...

LOL Sheila!

mrsnesbitt said...

Ruth, I howled at this and it is just 8.20am!
What a great way to start the day!


Annie said...

How perfect, this W.C. Fields quote. The guy knew his way around whiskey, I think. Maybe dogs as well.

dot said...


Tenderness contains an element of sadness. It is not the sadness of feeling sorry for yourself or feeling deprived, but it is a natural situation of fullness. You feel so full and rich, as if you were about to shed tears. Your eyes are full of tears, and the moment you blink, the tears will spill out of your eyes and roll down your cheeks. In order to be a good warrior, one has to feel this sad and tender heart. Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche