from a "click and hope" photographer


“Always aim your goals and aspiration for the moon,

because even if you don't make it, you'll always end up reaching the stars"



dot said...

Good quote. I'll be looking for the full moon tonight.

Moi said...

true...lofty goals will only help you rise :)

meeyauw said...

i filled up my memory card with moon photos last night and NOTHING GOOD. what a disappointment. someday I'll figure it out! full moons seem too bright and i have tried to lower the exposure and that didn't work.

JoAnn-NL from Holland :) said...

Hi Ruth,
Your post from yesterday I already gave a comment, this one not yet:

By co-incident: last night it was full moon here... its not easy to make a photo from that, so how did you do that? (its always too dark etc,...)

Bye JoAnn:)

Tenderness contains an element of sadness. It is not the sadness of feeling sorry for yourself or feeling deprived, but it is a natural situation of fullness. You feel so full and rich, as if you were about to shed tears. Your eyes are full of tears, and the moment you blink, the tears will spill out of your eyes and roll down your cheeks. In order to be a good warrior, one has to feel this sad and tender heart. Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche