from a "click and hope" photographer


The picture is the quote;

I saw this at the zoo today and it made me think of someone

who has recently shown particular kindness to me.


JoAnn-NL said...

Hi Ruth, Nice stone-text-shot!

I wonder how it works this "1-photo-a-day"? of course,I can count, But what's the idea?

My Question is: what do you do, when you go on holiday? Do you yes/no post a photo a day? If not, can one ( me for example) also join "this photo-a-day-project"?

What is your meaning about this?

Have a good weekend ,

dot said...

It looks like it's in a big rock? Whatever it's very pretty. And you are very kind also so I'm glad that someone recognized that and returned the kindness to you.

Annie said...

That is made particularly poignant because of all the terrible violations of the Arawaks and other Natives that was done subsequently.

Your kind person shall fare better, I think.

Moi said...

those hands around the quote look like kids' hand impressions.....and bless your kind friend :)

lilymarlene said...

I think your blog should be called "Thought for the Day" as it always makes me think!

RUTH said...

JoAnn; I've answered on your blog.
Dot; it was a large wall carving with poignant quotes in laid into it.
Annie; so true..another case of mans inhumanity to man.
Moi; I'm sure local children were involved when this was done.
Thanks Lily Marlene...doing it makes me stop, think and reflect.

JoAnn-NL said...

Thanks for your answer , YES I would like to join the "A Photo A Day" so I'll put it in my blogtitle, Thanks for adding my on your sidelinks, I will add yours also , Nice to see your blog (s) . (I also like the garden blog)

Happy weekend JoAnn

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