from a "click and hope" photographer


“You have to be completely deaf, dumb and blind to think that anything with '.com' on it is your ticket to fame and fortune.”
~Bill Meehan~


Audrey said...

LOL, What a lovely picture Ruth.

Im a do you think this makes a difference when it comes to fame and fortune I wonder??? LOL

Thankfully our real wealth and treasure is tied to neither of these.

Great, humerous post. Well done

Sheila said...

Clever play on words Ruth.. you know these 3 cheeky 'monkeys'..!

talj said...

What a great photo Ruth, I love it!! :o) {{HUGS}} xx

Scarecrow said...

Great photo and very true quote!
Your photos and quotes are always very clever!

Annie said...

I LOVE that photo.

dot said...

I love the photo also! and the quote.

mrsnesbitt said...

So funny! My mum had an ornament of 3 monkeys....hmmmmmmmm now why did that spring to mind?


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