from a "click and hope" photographer

8/02/07 x2

In honour of our first"real" snow this winter; a second "photo a day".
snow on sorbus berries
“To appreciate the beauty of a snow flake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold."


wendy said...

Beautiful shot, ruth :)

Libbys Blog said...

The contrast between the berries and the snow is lovely!!!

dot said...

REally nice. I'd hate to have to choose which of your posts I like best today.

lilymarlene said...

I like that one!
No snow's not even cold! But it was wet today so I didn't get any gardening done. A day without gardening is a poor one in my eyes!

RUTH said...

lilymarlene; I'm with you all the way....did you see my 4th Feb. photo?

Scarecrow said...

Don't think I like the sound of that quote!
Great photo!
Brrrrrrr!!!!!! :)

Audrey said...

WOW!!! Both posts Ruth...WOW!!

Sheila said...

Fabulous web, and the snow on the berries is great too. Excellent photos Ruth.

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