from a "click and hope" photographer


“By perseverance the snail reached the ark.”
-Charles H. Spurgeon-


Scarecrow said...

Love it!!
Would have thought with all the rain over there he'd be out munching your garden!!!
Did I tell you its "raining" here yipeee!!!
Oh no that means I'll have to go check for snails too!
Love the quote.

dot said...

Nice photo! Just so I don't have to touch it. lol

Libbys Blog said...

You only have one????????????????

RUTH said...

I wish!!!!!Libby

Allotment Lady said...

I think snails are beautiful creatures - shame they eat so much food up my allotment the little perishes.

Slugs - we won't even go there!

Audrey said...


The snail has much to teach me.......perseverance!!! Yes

Another superb photo and great quote...and still loving it!!!!! Well done x

Sheila said...

How cosy he is inside there. No house work, no bills..and your lovely garden to dine out on..!

mrsnesbitt said...


I do think they are a thung of beauty!

But beauty in the eye of the beholder....not the allotmonteer!


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